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Professional Chef & Guide Ron Loeber will take you on an amazing journey that tantalizes all of your senses! You & your group will be guided on a beautiful hike and treated to a fresh & nutritious meal.

Under 2 Mile Hikes

Bald Mountain, Old Forge New York

Bald Mountain, or Rondaxe Mountain fire tower as some people call it, is part of the Adirondack Park in New York State. It is located just outside of Old Forge, New York. The summit of this mountain reaches 2,350 feet above sea level with a trail length just under 1 mile & 500 feet of elevation gain. The trail itself is relatively short but does have steep sections and ledges with drop offs.

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Beebe Hill, Austerlitz New York

The hike begins on a trail through a hardwood forest. The trail climbs gradually, gaining 383 feet of elevation over a little less than a mile. It passes a lean-to and a small pond on its way to the summit at 1822 feet of elevation above sea level. On the summit, there is 60-foot tall fire tower and an observer’s cabin a short distance away. You can climb the tower for amazing 360-degree views, which includes the Catskill Mountains to the south, and the Berkshires of Massachusetts to the east.

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Belfry Mountain, Witherbee New York

Belfry Mountain is an easy hike of just less than a mile round-trip, gaining only 120 feet of elevation. The hike travels along a gravel road and becomes more of a path near the summit, at 1840 feet of elevation. At the summit, there is fire tower, built in 1917 and standing 47 feet tall. Climb the tower for views of Lake Champlain, the Green Mountains, and the Adirondack high peaks.

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Kane Mountain, Caroga New York

This southern Adirondack mountain has a fire tower at its summit. The half mile trail climbs nearly 600 feet to the top of the mountain which is at an elevation of 2,180 feet above sea level. The summit itself has a fairly large clearing that is surrounded by trees. The firetower is a 60-foot-tall steel-frame lookout tower erected in 1925. There is also an observer's cabin built about 1960.

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Vroman's Nose, Fulton New York

Vroman's Nose offers expansive views of the Schoharie Valley below. It is a prominent local landmark with historical significance dating back to the Revolutionary War. The summit rises to 1,220 feet above sea level with a 600 foot drop to the valley below. The hike consists of a 1.8 mile loop trail with an elevation gain of 485 feet. The summit is a large, flat surface left by glacial movements that also has inscriptions carved into its surface dating back to the 1800’s. Vroman's Nose is a portion of the Long Path which runs from the George Washington Bridge in New Jersey to Altamont New York.

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2-5 Mile Hikes

Giant Ledge, Shandaken New York

Giant ledge is a nice hike that has great views of the Catskills from its ledge outcroppings. At an elevation of 3,200 feet, it falls under the 3,500-foot qualification to make it a Catskill 3500er but does allow for camping opportunities, which provide for some amazing stargazing. This 3.2-mile round-trip hike ascends approximately 1,100 feet from the trailhead to the highest of the five ledges.

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Hadley Mountain, Hadley New York

Hadley Mountain is a 2.6-mile round trip hike with an elevation gain of nearly 1500 feet to the 2653-foot summit. Hadley Mountain has an open summit with good views to the east, south (including the Great Sacandaga Lake), and west. It has a restored fire tower, which allows great views in all directions. The area around Hadley Mountain has had a history of forest fires, including several in the early part of the twentieth century. The mountain is still slowly recovering. On this hike, many patches of bare rock begin early in the climb. This is due to the thin soils left by all the fires.

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Huckleberry Point, Elka Park New York

Located in the Kaaterskill Wild Forest, Huckleberry Point is a moderate 4.6 mile hike through the forest to a viewpoint on the Catskill Escarpment. Huckleberry Point rises 2,545 feet above the Hudson Valley and Platt Clove. The elevation gain on this hike is 644 feet.

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Mount Beacon, Fishkill New York

Starting on a gravel trail, you will come to the ruins of the Mount Beacon Incline Railway, which used to be the steepest railway in the world. It carried guests to and from the casino and hotel, which stood, near the overlook. You will then climb several stairs and proceed to the top of the former railway, where ruins stand today, having climbed 1,094 feet of elevation in 1.2 miles. From this overlook, you will hike another mile up a rocky trail to the fire tower, at an elevation of 1,653 feet. From the fire tower, you can see the Catskills, the Beacon Reservoir, the Gunks, and on a clear day, you might see New York City. This hike is 4.4 miles round trip with an elevation gain of 1,561 feet.

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Overlook Mountain, Woodstock New York

Overlook Mountain is the southernmost peak of the Catskill Escarpment with a summit elevation of 3,140 feet above sea level. The trail itself consists of a 2.5 mile hike with an elevation gain of nearly 1,400 feet which will really get your blood pumping. The mountain is the site of one of the remaining five Catskill fire towers and the Overlook Mountain House, a hotel which was built at a higher elevation than any other in the range. It is also one of the timber rattlesnake habitats in the Catskills. Overlook Mountain was formed of limestone bedrock by a period of glaciation. The summit is covered with red oak, spruce, and balsam fir trees.

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Red Hill, Denning New York

Red Hill has one of the five fire towers that stand in the Catskills. We begin the hike by crossing a stream, after that, the trail ascends gradually and wraps around the mountain.After about a mile, we will reach a spring. From there the trail gets steeper through some switchbacks to the ranger station and the fire tower. The fire tower is 60 feet in height and built in the 1920’s. It stayed in service until 1990 and was the last active fire tower in the Catskills. From the fire tower, you can see the Catskill high peaks to the north and west, Rondout Reservoir to the southeast. The hike is just shy of three miles round-trip and has an elevation gain of around 900 feet.

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Sawyer Mountain, Indian Lake New York

Sawyer Mountain is a 2.2-mile round trip hike with around 680 feet of elevation gain. The trail starts through a hardwood forest, ascending gradually. Around one mile, the trail crosses open rock and we reach the first viewpoint, looking southeast. After another tenth of a mile, we reach the wooded summit, which is approximately 2,600 feet above sea level. We will continue past the summit for another 100 yards to a more impressive viewpoint. From here, we can see several mountains including Panther, Snowy, and Wakely Mountains.

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Storm King Mountain, Cornwall New York

Shortly after the hike begins, the trail gets steep and gains a good amount of elevation as it ascends to Butter Hill at 1,380 feet above sea level. There are some nice views from the summit. The trail continues towards Storm King Mountain and passes by a few nice viewpoints with expansive views to both the North & South. The Catskills are within sight along with other local hot hiking spots such as Breakneck Ridge & Mount Beacon. The loop-trail hike is around 2.5 miles with just less than 900 feet of elevation gain.

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5+ Mile Hikes

Balsam Lake Mountain, Hardenburgh New York

The hike begins as you hike along an old jeep trail, gaining a little elevation. At about 2 miles, we will turn right at the trail junction, and proceed up a steeper trail with switchbacks. After passing through thick conifers, we will reach the ranger station and then the summit, with a restored 1930 fire tower that is 47 feet tall. From the fire tower, you can see the Pepactan Reservoir. Balsam Lake Mountain was the site of the first fire tower in New York, a wooden tower built in 1887. The hike is just less than 6 miles round-trip with an elevation gain of 1,147 feet. The summit stands at 3,731 feet above sea level making it the 17th highest peak in the Catskills.

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Hunter Mountain, Hunter New York

Following the Spruceton Trail, the hike begins along Hunter Brook. We will cross a small bridge and start the ascent. At 1.5 miles, the trail turns and begins to gain elevation quickly. At 2.2 miles, we will reach a lean-to in a flat open area with views of Rusk, Evergreen, Sherrill, North Dome, and West Kill. The trail will ascend into an evergreen forest and at about 3 miles; we will reach an open rock path and climb the final distance to the summit, having hiked 3.2 miles with an elevation gain of 1950 ft. At the summit, there is an observer's cabin and a 60-foot fire tower built in 1917. The summit of Hunter, at 4,040 feet is the second highest in the Catskills. Leaving the summit, we will follow the Hunter Loop trail to a spot with great views to the south. Then we continue to descend through forests that change from conifer to hardwood. The loop trail hike is a little over eight miles with great views!

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Indian Head, Keene Valley New York

Indian Head has one of the most spectacular views in the Adirondacks. Located near the northern end of Lower Ausable Lake, it rises 750 feet above the water. The viewpoint faces south, with mountains rising steeply on both sides of the lake, with Upper Ausable Lake visible south of Lower Ausable Lake. You can sit on the flat rocks of Indian Head and soak in the view. The overall length of the hike is a little over 10 miles and travels a gradual ascending road before a short, steep ascent up Indian Head. Side trips to Rainbow & Beaver Meadow Falls are included.

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Moxham Mountain, Minerva New York

Moxham Mountain is located in the Vanderwhacker Mountain Wild Forest in Essex County. The trail starts through a forest, descends to a beaver meadow, then ascends the ridge to the summit. There are many viewpoints along the trail, including views of the surrounding mountains and the Moxham cliffs. The summit is at the top of these cliffs, offering expansive views of the surrounding landscape. This is a 5.4 mile round-trip hike with 1,152 feet of elevation gain.

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Slide Mountain, Shandaken New York

Slide Mountain is the highest peak in the Catskills, at 4,190 feet. The trail is a round trip hike of 5.4 miles with an elevation gain of 1,760 feet. The trail passes through a hardwood forest before it transitions to conifers around 3,500 feet. Near the summit, the trail passes an overlook on the left, which offers an expansive view of other peaks before finally reaching the open summit. Views from the summit include other Catskill peaks and the Ashokan Reservoir.

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Tremper Mountain, Phoenicia New York

Mount Tremper or Tremper Mountain, as it is commonly known, is located in the Esopus Valley. The Phoenicia Trail, also part of the Long Trail, gains 1,960 feet of elevation in 2.8 miles as it passes a quarry, several springs, and a lean-to. After reaching the summit, you will find a firetower that was built in 1916 and restored in 2001. The fire tower offers expansive views of the Esopus Valley and the surounding Catskill High Peaks.

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